Theatre Production Budget Template ExcelTheatre Production Budget Template Excel

Theatre Production Budget Template Excel

The budget is a tool that balances the money you earn against the money you spend to determine whether or not you’ll pay your bills and have a profit. It also helps you avoid over-spending by overseeing your expenditures.

This clever spreadsheet lets you set your budget and track actual income and expenditure by budget category. It also picks up Theatre Tax Relief eligible transactions and estimates your TTR claim.


If you’re planning a theatre production, it’s important to create a budget to track your expenses and income. This can help you avoid overspending and stay organized. This is especially important if you’re working with limited funds.

To make your budget as accurate as possible, have the script on hand. This will help you estimate the costs of each scene in your show. Then, compare that number to your actual expenses to see if you’re over or under spending. You can also use a spreadsheet to track your actual expenses. This will allow you to know where your money went so that you can correct any mistakes and prevent future overspending. It will also help you keep track of your progress throughout the filming process.


Using a spreadsheet as a budgeting tool can be an effective way to keep track of your costs. It will help you avoid overspending and save time and effort. It also allows you to easily track receipts and compare budgeted expenses with actual expenditures.

Often, post-production costs such as video editing, sound mixing, visual effects and marketing are underestimated. By breaking down the total cost into detailed categories and keeping a close eye on these costs during the production process, you can prevent overspending.

In addition, Boords’ storyboard feature enables you to align your creative vision with your financials. This creates a harmonious balance between creativity and practicality. Ultimately, it helps you reach your next level of success in your project, work, or life!


Many people think that the hardest part of creating a production budget is getting accurate numbers. Experienced producers can make a good guess at numbers for their draft, but they depend on inputs from everyone else to create the final budget. For example, they ask for quotes from locations and catering and contact insurance companies to get quotes.

Another big problem is the question of how much to pay everyone in the crew. This is a complicated subject and depends on the country and the situation of the people. A recommendation in Austria is to pay professional freelancers EUR 3.000 per month, which includes health insurance. But you need to talk to the crew members and find out what they would like to do for that amount.


A good theatre production budget template will be a helpful tool in balancing the various expenses involved in producing a show. It will help you estimate how much your project should cost and determine whether you will be able to pay all of your bills without running out of money. A budget is also a way to track the actual expenses you incur during production and to see how close you are to your estimated total.

It is important to remember that these training budgets are geared towards a specific commercial funding model and will not work well if you are applying for grant based or other public arts funding. However, they are here to help you overcome your fear of budgeting and to give you the confidence to start putting together budgets yourself.


If you want your production to go well, then you need a good budget. Budgets are vital tools for any producer and can help you navigate around unexpected obstacles. A well-made budget will save you time, money, and headaches in the long run.

Creating a budget is a huge undertaking, and it requires accurate information. The best way to manage your budget is with a spreadsheet, which will scale as you add information and update automatically. It is also helpful to have a contingency plan, which is an amount of money that is allocated to cover damages and losses.

Celtx makes it easy to create top sheets and other budgetary reports. For more information on how to make a budget, check out our article, Budget 201.

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